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Music is Everywhere!

As a new KMR semester approaches, this great weather has me in tune with how music is everywhere, from the spontaneous singing of children on the beach, the music in live events, to the music in cafés and restaurants. Ah! I just love it! Recently a colleague shared this picture from the Bishop Arts Center in Dallas, TX with me. It makes a huge statement of the value and presence of music in our lives.

Music is Everywhere!

Music is everywhere! Even if you don’t sing your way through the day, I’ll bet you’ve encountered many musical moments. Just the other day my husband began singing spontaneously along with the music playing overhead in the food store to help the task move along quicker.  Music impacts our lives right when we get in the car in the morning with the radio maybe accompanying you on the ride to work in the morning. And of course, what would a good movie be without the soundtrack to set the mood?

It is so easy to add a splash of music in the lives of children. It is such a natural part of their world. Take an ordinary day and brighten it with song. The smiles will keep you and them coming back for more. The musical opportunities abound from playing at the beach, taking a tub-tub, as my grandchildren call it, playing at home, music for learning, and don’t forget the soothing lullaby.

Music – a Birthright

We have a few simple goals for our Kids’ MusicRound families: We want all children to feel comfortable dancing and singing throughout life. Childhood is the time to cultivate happy and meaningful musical memories that take a child into adulthood. Being able to sing your favorite song in tune, dance to a catchy tune or just feel confident making informal music at home is a birthright, not a privilege.  So many people believe they lack the ability to do one or any of these things… Let’s raise the next generation to know that they can! Check out a Kids’ MusicRound class near you and let the music get you up dancing and singing. Provide your little one with the best and lasting introduction into music.

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