Prepare the human body as a sound-producing instrument.

 Know, prepare and exercise breathing as the basis of voice and language. 

Differentiate between technique and bad habits. – Become familiar with the voice as a musical instrument.

 Acquire the appropriate tools to protect and care for the voice. 

Develop musical aspects such as intonation, rhythm, intensity and volume. 

Work songs of different styles and aspects. 

Train in creativity and interpretation (body expression, disinhibition, staging, relaxation)

Know the body vocal instrument. Body-voice relationship.

The body scheme. Postural and respiratory reeducation.

Relaxation, vocalization. – Technique of respiratory control and correct emission of sound.

The vibration. Sound. – Support. Voice support.

The resonators. The body as a resonator. 

Articulation, placement and diction.

You Will Learn

Mental Focus

Breathing Mirror Check

Making Music Vocal

Health Forum

Vocal Use, Abuse, and Care

Environmental Effects

Enhancing Tone Quality with Resonance


Balanced Tone

Mirror Check


Vocal Anatomy

Vocal Health

Vocal Pathology

And Much More...


DOB: 12.11.1977.

Education: Music School of Music Arts

Instument: Voice

Experience: 20 years

Barbara Intriago

Considered a versatile composer and performer when it comes to create or perform a song. Barbara has been summoned by artists of international stature to accompany them in their presentations or musical productions such as: Julio Iglesias (Album “Mexico”). Alberto plaza (Tour Colombia 2013, album “You are with me”), Ricardo Montaner (Presentations at Madison square Garden and American Airlines Arena). She was born in Santiago de Chile at the end of 1977. Immersed in music since she was little He began his professional career participating in the 2002 season of the successful Television show seeks talents “Rojo, Fama Contra Fama”, from Televisión Nacional de Chile. That same year she was recruited as a vocalist for the group “Marinaclub”, a pioneer in the Electronic pop genre in Chile and Latin America. With them he recorded his first album “Pop Lovers”, which obtained great exposure and recognition nationally and internationally. In 2005 Barbara moved to the United States, and in Miami began her career as a performer and songwriter working with renowned producers of the musical artistic medium such as, Kike Santander, Daniel Betancourt, Julián Navarro, Sergio Minski, Donato Poveda and José Luis Arroyave among others. With the latter he composed the song “It does not depend on you ”for the album” I stay with you “, by Margarita the goddess of cumbia in Mexico. He has also done different jobs for the company of Dance-fitness Zumba performing many of their danceable world hits.

At the end of 2011 he created his own musical project, Sopa Bruja, a proposal that merged various rhythms, sounds and genres: pop, flamenco, reggae and son Cuban. Months later he released his second album, Abracadabra, widely praised for criticism. In September 2012, Barbara signed a song from her second album “Abracadabra” (Witch Soup) for the telenovela “Amor bravío”, which was broadcast by various countries around the world. In 2013 she was invited by the Chilean singer-songwriter Alberto Plaza to be part of his tour through ten cities in Colombia and thus promote his new album. That same year she collaborated as a guest artist on five songs from the album Second System, by the Venezuelan singer-songwriter Jesús Hidalgo, which was later nominated for a Latin Grammy. In May 2014, Barbara was invited to Mexico to give a concert with his band SopaBruja. And months later she was invited to participate of a song for the new album by the renowned singer Julio Iglesias. 2014 October- It was called by the company SAH (Sociedad Actoral Hispanoamericana) to be part of the cast of the great musical “Yerma”, by Federico García Lorca, presented within the “Festival of Miami Theater “in which he intervenes throughout the work with nuances of deep songs typical of Spanish culture very well achieved according to the critics of the Miami cultural milieu. It also intervenes with a colorful character of a histrionic washerwoman who lights up the laughter from the public. One of the most important and recent creations and interpretations of Barbara Intriago It was “La Trailera”, the main theme of the TELEMUNDO novel “Eva la trailera” character played by actress Edith González. The novel has been broadcast in more than 10 countries. In 2016 the song was nominated for the “Tu Mundo” awards.

2018 December- Convened by the same company SAH (Sociedad Actoral Hispanoamericana) to be part of the cast of another great musical work tragicomic, this time in English, presented in Microteatro (center Spanish cultural) “A Family Portrait” by Angela Parrish and Makena Metz. Barbara played a quirky-comic character very well evaluated again by the critics and the audience. Currently Barbara is recording her third album. She also collaborates as a composer for different projects of the Miami music scene, signed with the publishing house “La Editora LLC”, He also teaches group or personal workshops as a vocal coach, delivering all his experience and knowledge acquired during more than 18 years of musical trajectory.