Piano initiation scales, introduction to reading music study of short lessons according to assigned method. Introduction to Harmony (Popular Music) Development of musical reading (rhythmic and melodic) Piano method study (according to student level).Accompaniment of different genres, advanced contemporary harmony, more complex popular music learning.

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Layout of the Keyboard.

Good Practice Habits.

Playing Chords and Melodies

Major & Minor Chords.

Playing on the Black Keys

Reading Music & Chord Charts.

Major, Minor, Pentatonic & Blues Scales.

Tips to Piano Accompanying.

Learning Chords by Numbers & Chord Shapes.

Reading Sharps & Flats

Learning Chord Progressions & Melodies by Ear

Chord Inversions

Reading Rhythms & Syncopation

Keys & Key Signatures

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Piano TeaCher

DOB: 04.15.1981.

Education: Universidad Cecilio Acosta

Instument: Piano.

Experience: 15 years

Johann Morales

Johann Morales (Cabimas, April 15, 1981) Venezuelan pianist, composer, arranger and music producer who has participated in 13 published albums (6 of them as music producer and composer).

He began in music at 6 years of age studying violin at the Casa de la Cultura in his hometown, supported by his father Antonio Morales. At the age of 12, he was part of the student body at the Alfredo Vecchio Music Academy, where he studied guitar for four years and thus began a journey through various instruments such as bass and finally the piano. In 1998 he began his university studies in Law at the University of Zulia, after three years of his career he decided to follow his dreams and moved to the Cecilio Acosta University to study a Bachelor of Music, which he obtained at the year 2005.

In 2001 he was part of the Agrupación Carangano as a pianist for two years and then became part of the Bacanos group (2003-2009), there as well as a pianist, he started as a composer and music producer. In Bacanos’ first album, entitled “Suenos Bacanos” he participated as a pianist and arranger. In 2006, the group released their second album, in which Johann Morales was the musical producer and composer of four songs, reaching first place in the Record Report with the song “SE FUE”.

In 2008 Johann Morales produced the third album of Bacanos, entitled “Solo Contigo”, in which Morales composed 7 songs and reached the first place in the Record Report again with the song “SOLO CONTIGO”. At the same time, he composed the song “Want” for the renowned Venezuelan group Guaco, on his album titled “EQUUS”.

In 2010, he joined the Aviadores Band as a pianist and music director, for whom he produced his second record label and composed 4 songs, obtaining first place in the Record Report with the songs: “QUIEREME UN POQUITO” in 2012 , “QUE PASO” in 2013 and “DAME UN KESO” in 2014.

In parallel, he accompanies the NAUTA group, as a pianist and musical director. In 2012, he toured Europe with the group Matiz Emsable as a pianist.

In 2013, he worked as an arranger and musical director of the show “La Havana Sin Tacones”, by the renowned journalist Maria Elena Lavau. In December of the same year, he decides to accompany his childhood friend, Ronald Borjas, in his new adventure as a soloist. He composed for him his first single “TE DOY MI VOZ”, with which he would achieve a nomination for the Latin Grammys Awards in the category: Best Tropical Song in 2014 and would reach first place in the Record Report. Johann Morales is the musical director, arranger and music producer of Borjas’ first album, titled DA CAPO (2015), composing 7 songs on it.

In 2016 he worked on the production and arrangement of the album “Cambios” by Obbie Bermudez. In the same year he composed the song “The Illness” which is part of the 2nd album of San Luis, entitled “El Plan”.

Later, at the beginning of 2017, he works as a producer on the album “El Alma en un Microscopio” by the singer-songwriter Julio Cesar Rodríguez, nominated for the Latin Grammy Award 2014.

In 2018 he composed and produced the song “They are going to take you” sung by Ronald Borjas and Gilberto Santa Rosa. Likewise, he begins the tour Ida y Vuelta, as a keyboardist, with Ricardo Montaner, which continues to this day.

At the beginning of 2019, he produced the song “El Mentiroso” by Gente de Zona, he also composed and produced the song “Bailamos Again” for Ronald Borjas for his second album entitled Bailamos Again.

Throughout his career he has participated in different musical productions as a pianist, arranger, composer and music producer of the following artists: Vocal Song, Voz Veis, Jorge Luis Chacín, Guaco, San Luis, Luis Enrique, Tony Succar, among others.

In addition, he has more than 50 registered songs of his authorship, with which he has achieved 8 first places in Venezuelan Record Report and won the recognized Mara de Oro award in 2014, as Composer of the Year with Greater International Projection.