In the chair of electric bass our goal is to ensure that the student can accompany melodies with different rhythmic and harmonic bases, recognizing and exercising in different tones and musical scales, the idea is to be able to progressively play various genres with their respective styles and modalities. Students who begin to study the electric bass will be instructed in the knowledge of the parts of the instrument, tuning and basic techniques as well as their correlation with the amplifier and other audio systems.

Students will learn how to progressively accompany simple melodies while learning to read music. Intermediate level students will be instructed in the application and recognition of keys in addition to major and minor musical scales and their derivatives, etc. in the context of different musical genres and styles, they will be taught execution techniques among which we will include : “Slap Bass”, “Muting Strings”, “Slide”, etc.

Advance students will work from musical themes that require basic professional training in the instrument, they will be trained in rhythm, coupling and dynamics with the drums and / or percussion instruments, advanced musical reading, consistency in musical accompaniment, clinics with guest musicians from high level.

You Will Learn

Half Steps

Chromatic Scale

Blues Scale

Major Pentatonic Scale

Using Chord Tones When Soloing

Minor Pentatonic Scale

Major Scale

Scale Degrees of the Major Scale

Left-Hand Muting

Diatonic Triads


Keeping Time

Playing Ahead, Behind, and Bad

Song Form

And Much More...

Bass teacher

DOB: 15.03.1987.

Education: Universidad Cecilio Acosta

Instument: Bass

Experience: 35 + years

Jose Ramon Villasmil

Bass Player and passionate Band Director with more than 35 years of experience in performing arts in the United States and abroad. Superb memorization and improvisational skills. Exhibited ability to work well with others or independently in high paced work environments. Experienced in production coordination, casting, studio sessions, arranging musical compositions, touring management and teaching.

Ricardo Montaner, Miami, FL – Musical Director/Bass PlayerFEBRUARY 1988 – PRESENT :

  • Musical director if a Ballad-Pop band including a symphonic orchestra.
  • Managed over 40 musicians, choir and production team.
  • Managed international and national tours.
  • Coordinated rehearsals and casting of musicians and vocals.
  • Transcribed musical composition along with song arrangements for national/international tours.

Comunidad de Fe Ministries, Hialeah, FL – Bass Player


Provided musical services as the bass player for several Worship Services throughout the week.
Ministerio Internacional El Rey Jesus, Kendall, FL – Musical Director/Bass Player

MAY 2004 – NOVEMBER 2008

  • Provided technical musical arrangements for the worship team.
  • Arranged logistics for every service throughout the week including events.
  • Coordinated rehearsals, selected participants from auditions to form part of the team and reviewed songs to be played.