The Link between Art and Music

An inexhaustible exploration

The combination of artistic and musical expression happens naturally. Each of us has a creative side through the exploration of art and music. These are one of the most extraordinary expressions that we have because it allows us to immediately transmit different sensations, feelings, thoughts, and ideas.

Colors and musical notes share similar characteristics, such as brightness. There are really bright colors and notes. Scholars have associated each note with a specific color according to its brightness. There is a very interesting phenomenon in relation to this characteristic, and that is that there are people who have the ability to see colors when they listen to music and also perceive musical notes when they observe a color, we call this faculty synesthesia.

Rhythm and harmony are important concepts in music and art, since artists seek to achieve a composition that excites viewers with the combination of notes, shapes, and colors based on a specific rhythm, thus achieving a balanced and harmonious art piece. 

“Color is a means to exert a direct influence on the soul. Color is the key. The soul is the piano with many strings. The artist is the hand that, through this or that key, makes the human soul vibrate adequately. ” This phrase written by Wassily Kandinsky, describes the link between art and music.

Movement is an element that is associated with music and dance, but it can also be related to painting and the sensations that this art transmits to us. This concept can be seen in works that show windswept landscapes or dance scenes that convey movement.

Musical scale and color scale, better known as chromatic scale. In the musical scale, the different notes are shown, while the color scale shows the primary tones and their derivatives. To better understand this concept, a scale is an ordered sequence of values (colors or musical notes) different from the same thing. And chromaticism refers both to painting (quality of the different colors), and to music (genres of the musical system).

In conclusion, we see that these two areas have always been linked. In reality, there is no clear separation of them. Visual art influences music and music influences art. The union of the two creates a complete and splendid experience for us due to the emotional bond that exists in the realization or interpretation of a work.

We all have a creative side, but there are those who manage to develop it to a high degree. The artist-musicians are the clear example of the manifestation of creativity that impacts the cultural scene.

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